Amelia Zachry

I have a story to tell. My musings as an author on bipolar, suicide,
relationships. family, immigration and life after rape.


I am an author writing a book about my chaotic and magical life. I have lived through the years with bipolar and PTSD from rape. My story is one of pain and struggle and strife, it is also one of love, passion and magnificence. With love in mind, I have found new meaning in life, with beautiful children and an amazing husband, though leaving behind the family that raised me and grew me. Now I have slowly disappeared from that family tree as I make my life here in America. I have carved out a life free of the carnage that preceded, though a life that is in wanting of my family distanced for the love of my husband and children in this foreign land. Nevertheless I am here, I am alive, and continually striving to be present. My journey is one where the only thing predictable are the unpredictabilities.


My Musings

  • Bipolar Episode 1 : skipping rocks & buried emotions
    The splashing of the water in the river, my girls jumping as I watched the droplets float and dance in the air, falling into the stream, where little snow boots stomped and danced about. The whimsical swinging of their little legs drew a smile, the tiny feet that will make big strides. Big ones furtheredContinue reading “Bipolar Episode 1 : skipping rocks & buried emotions”
  • Grounding ; Rape
    The smell of my memory had lodged itself in my nostrils, refusing to be washed out no matter what I tried. I smelled coffee grounds in a little cup I carried with me to fight it. It was incessant like a scab that wouldn’t heal.
  • Sweet Home Kentucky
    Once not too long ago I loathed the saying “it takes a village” because that village did not exist for me. These strangers made a village for me , bolstering the void carved out of my heart from raising children away from my family. They have built me a village that is whole, that is beautiful. My roots grow stronger in this Bluegrass soil.

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